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Welcome to Jones’s Tackle! Dedicated to helping you catch fish since 1986. Located Brisbane, Australia

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(STARTING 30th MAY, 2019)

What’s been happening

Where’s the fish bitin’

Where are we goin’ this weekend?

The crew at Jones’s Tackle are always thinking about fishing trips. We’re either brainstorming about what’s on our radar or working out a plan of attack with customers; so we just knew it was time to make it a regular Thursday night event where we work out a weekend plan based on the latest fishing info.  

Lots of fish will be covered over time, everything from land based freshwater to mega billfish, it all depends on where the fish are biting best. Maximising any opportunities by looking at tides and weather, along with providing cool visual clues from the latest satellite imagery,  will map out a game plan for the day or just firm-up your existing ideas for the weekend.

This unique service will happen instore every Thursday evening between 6 and 8 pm. Tickets are $5, but are free with any purchase and also includes a free beer and of course, lots of advice.

Bring your gear and tackle box and get assistance from our staff with rigging up your lures, re-spooling your reels, or just finding out valuable info to improve your fishing. Beers and some sharing of fishing stories will ensure that the night is lots of fun.

All are welcome!!!

This is a casual catch-up each week and so bookings aren’t essential! However, we don’t want to run out of beer for you all, so if you’re a first time attendee, let us know when you’d like to pop along on the form below.

See you then!

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